Goorin Brothers 'The Farm' Trucker Caps

Born in Pittsburgh (Philadelphia) in 1895, Cassel Goorin laid the foundation stone for the brand that was later launched by his sons Alfred and Ted in 1921. Cassel's obsession with hats led him to create his own brand: Goorin, Shapira & Co; that when it was inherited by their children, it was renamed Goorin Brothers., its current name. They managed to expand their father's company by selling their products wholesale to the rest of the United States and subsequently, the world.

The Farm series is an Ode to the Blue collar working class- a comfortable, practical fitting baseball style cap that has become iconic around the world. Ben Goorin introduced the 'Animal series' in 2003- little did he know the popularity that it would gain- in 2023, Goorin Brothers re-branded the series to 'The Farm' and their popularity continues to grow!