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About Us

Long before Lewis Carroll’s 1865 creation of Alice in Wonderland and the mysterious ‘Hatter,’ across the world hats were firmly entrenched as an item of fashion.

Whether it was the top hats of the aristocracy, the austere uniforms of the admiralty, the scally hat of the labourer or later the creation of the famous baggy green, a man’s hat was all about position and practicality. 

Today, hats still come in all shapes, styles and materials and apart from a brief dalliance in the 70’s due to big hair and convertible cars - hats have always been in fashion.

Having over 3 decades of high end men's fashion experience each, Chris and Craig have teamed up to create ‘Grand Hatters’ - a unique boutique store that opens up and showcases some of the finest men's and ladies head wear from around the world.

Grand Hatters is located within Melbourne’s trendy Little Bourke Street and opening the door is a passport to a world of stories and style.

According to co-owner, Craig Cochrane, “You have to be confident in what you wear and more often than not, whether it’s denim or dinner suit, it’s the hat that makes your outfit and makes a statement about your personal style”.

“Like a good Cuban cigar, our panamas for example are hand made by a small number of weavers in Ecuador who weave the entire hat  by hand; they are paid well and always deliver us the best in the world – the quality of their work and stores with integrity like ‘Grand Hatters’ is what stops this from being a lost trade” Chris Gray said.

We believe that the process of selecting the perfect hat or cap should be an enjoyable experience and good old fashioned service is our Mantra.

Grand Hatters is open 7 days a week and offers a complimentary individual styling session with Chris and Craig.